What is Social Wallet?
Social Wallet is a value-added e-wallet (VAW) platform. Besides serving as a basic e-wallet app that enables users to make payments to merchants, it is also an extensible platform for communities like schools, campuses, societies and other organizations to run applications that require payments. That's where the value-added part comes in.
How do I install the Social Wallet app?
Social Wallet is available on both Android and IOS platforms. The Android version is available from the Playstore.
The IOS version is available from the App Store
There are already many e-wallet apps out there. Why should I use Social Wallet?
If you belong to one of our partner communities who have deployed our platform, you will find that life as a community member is made much easier with the use of Social Wallet. For example if you are a student in one of our partner campuses, you can scan to ride a campus bus, subscribe to courses, buy gym membership, browse and register for societies. You can register your student details through the app once, and the relevant menus will be made accessible to you.
What are applets?
Applets are add on features that can be installed inside the Social Wallet app. Applets are usually community specific features that are only made available to members of a community: .e.g. students of a school or university, or members of a society. Applets are installed by entering a specific authorization code through Main Menu/Services/Authorizaton.
I am a student of UTAR. How do I access the features specific to my campus?
You have to install the UTARIAN applet, which is a small app within an app to access these features. All you need is an authorization code from the university. The latest authorization code is usually publicized available on the official student portal or you can enquire about it from the Student Affairs department.
How do I load money into Social Wallet?
You "cash in" or reload money into your e-wallet using FPX internet bank transfer. You will need to have internet banking facilities with your preferred bank to be able to do this. Select "Cash In" from the Main Menu of the app to initiate the process.
Why am I allowed to reload only up to a certain amount?
In compliance with regulations, verified e-wallet accounts can only carry an amount up to a maximum of RM500. When you Cash In, the maximum amount you can reload is calculated based on the maximum allowable balance - existing balance.
I have unused balance in my wallet. Can I withdraw out the remaining amount?
Yes, you can 'cash out' the balance by transferring it to your bank account. Please note that you will need to have your identity and bank account number verified before you can execute the cash-out transaction. This is in compliance with Bank Negara regulations.
Are there any transaction charges or subscription fees for users of Social Wallet?
Except for transactions involving a few specific utility bill payment partners, all other user transactions, including Cash In, Cash Out and Transfer are free of charges.
How do I get my wallet identity verified? Why is that necessary?
Bank Negara regulations require all e-Wallet providers to have their users verified through a Customer Due Diligence process. This is in compliance with the Anti Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001.
If you already have a valid bank account, all you have to do is to submit the necessary details to us and make sure that your registered fullname matches the bank account name. You can do so by going to the Profile page from the Main Menu of the app.
>How long does that verification process take?
After submitting all your details, which includes fullname, IC number, e-mail, address and bank account number, we can complete the verification process within 5 minutes. Your profile will indicate a 'VERIFIED' status.
I've already used completed the Cash In process. Why is the amount still not reflected in my wallet?
Wallet Cash In is usually instantaneous. The reload amount is reflected immediately in your Social Wallet app. However in the rare event that this does not happen, it could be due to a momentary glitch in the interbank payment network. This is usually resolved automatically, with a slight delay. However, if the delay persists, please contact us with the transaction details through Whatsapp.
We are a private school. How do we make use of the Social Wallet app platform? Can we also have our own applet?
We'll be happy to explore this further with you. Yes, we can help you customize an applet specific to your community. Contact us for more info.
What other things can I do with Social Wallet?
Social Wallet has an online Shop, which allows you to purchase mobile reloads of all the major telcos, gaming reloads from our partners such as Steam, Garena, QQ Card, MyCard, CibMall and Cherry. You will also find it very convenient to pay most of your utility and service provider bills through our Bill Payment feature in the Shop.